Rawr Hunter Module

Date Posted Issue Resolution
2009-08-06 possibly a bug in the calculation of Swordguard Embroidery:

Calculations!Q86 uses TotalShotsPerSecond and FinalCrit

seems it should either be using TotalShotsPerSecond and FinalHit (if it procs from hits) or CrittingShotsPerSecond and FinalCrit (if it procs from crits)
Fixed in 91c
2009-08-07 Bug with Mana Regen from potions:
* The named cell AAS should point to Assassin's Alchemist Stone in Trinkets!A18 but points to Darkmoon Card: Crusade in Trinkets!A27.
* The named cell MAS should point to Mighty Alchemist's Stone in Trinkets!A44 but points to Mirror of Truth in in Trinkets!A10.
Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 more bugs, this time in 'Pet Skills', PetSkillMatrix, 'Talented?' column. Several of the abilities point to the wrong talent cells: Bullheaded is pointing to G20, should be G19 Dash is pointing to G4, J4 and M4 - it should not include M4 Dive has the same issue as Dash Road of Sacrifice points to M19, should also point to G22 Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Also, there are some non-damaging pet abilities that are marked as damaging in 'Pet Skills' column 'I': * Furious Howl * Dust Cloud * Bad Attitude * Snatch * Tendon Rip Aside from Furious Howl, they are also marked as critting, which means that they are proc'ing Kill Command when (i think) they shouldn't be Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Also, cooldown on Dive & Dash are wrong. they check for the Dive/Dash talent in G8 but it's also in J8. Bug exists in 'Pet Skills' cells F33 & F34 Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Scorpid Poison is using 0.04 as its AP scaling factor, instead of PetSpellScaling which the other skills use. 0.15/3.5 = 0.042857..., so is a little off - pet DPS changes by 0.89 in my test setup. Spirit Strike uses 4% too. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Scorpid Poison dps is being calculated as its max dps, using cooldown instead of frequency. mistake appears to be in Pet Calculations C218 Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Poison Spit has its final DPS wrong, ignoring how many ticks can be applied given its frequency. I195 should be {"=IF(I193=0,0,I186*I188*I193)"} Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 For the Spore Cloud uptime in I145 you use the (unadjusted for longevity) cooldown - it should use the final frequency (Sting has exactly the same issue) Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 If you have 100% hit, the target has 0% dodge and you use Acid Spit, the armor reduction effect causes a divide by zero. The problem is in 'Pet Calculations'!S56 - need to check that AcidSpitChanceToStop isn't zero. Monstrous Bite already has this check. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 For both Acid Spit and Monstrous Bite stacking/uptime calculations, you use the (adjusted for longevity) cooldown - seems like you should be using the real frequency. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Uptime calculations for Acid Spit and Monstrous Bite are always 100% - set the cooldown to 100 seconds and you'll still see it at 100% uptime. The needed tweak is to not count the '% time' for 0 stacks into the uptime calculation. Change T19 from =SUM(T15:T18) to =SUM(T16:T18) and T57 from =SUM(T54:T56) to =SUM(T55:T56). I suspect that Rabid might have a similar issue, but haven't looked into it yet. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 The macro function Worksheet_Change() in the Pet sheet recalculates the list of skills to show in the pet rotation dropdowns. However, it only updates when you change pet family. If you change your pet spec to allow a new skill (e.g. Cunning pet spec'ing into Wolverine Bite) then it wont be available to put into the rotation unless you change the pet family again. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Charge/Swoop is available to the wrong pets - every tenacity and ferocity pet can charge/swoop if spec'd into it - it's not a replacement for dive/dash since some pets (cats) can do both while some (bear) can only do one. The talent in the pet tree should be labelled "Charge/Swoop" in the ferocity tree only (not tenacity!) since 3 ferocity pets (carrion bird, moth, wasp) swoop in place of charging. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Bug with populating the talented skills for pet families. Even if spec'd into it, Cunning can't use Roar of Sacrifice and Tenacity can't use Grace of the Mantis. The 'Talented Skills' box isn't currently large enough to hold all 6 talented skills in the tenacity tree (cunning has 5 and ferocity only 2). Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Grace of the Mantis appears in the rotation pick-list for cunning pets who spec'd into it, but it's a passive talent, not an ability. It's also is mis-spelled in the Cunning talent tree. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-07 Beatial Wrath still causes a damage bonus when you have your pet type set to None Fixed in 91c
2009-08-07 Mana gained from Beatial Wrath (calc'd in BeastManaBenefit - Calculations!N45) is not factored into mana expenditure at all Fixed in 91b
2009-08-11 AP from Call of the Wild ('Pet Calculations'C52) should use the frequency of CotW, not the cooldown Fixed in 91c
2009-08-11 possible item bug with Signet of Edward the Odd - the effect uses a static 'Average Time Per Shot' of 0.9 (in Calculations!T72), when it should probably use {"=IF(TotalShotsPerSecond>0,1/TotalShotsPerSecond/FinalHit,0)"} [edit] Although of course TotalShotsPerSecond needs haste to calculate it, and this ring causes haste. So this is a reasonable estimation unless you want to calculate everything once without the ring, then add it in, then recalculate. Not a bug
2009-08-11 Calculations!P131 incorrectly says Pyrite Infuser when it is in fact Tears of Bitter Anguish Fixed in 91b
2009-08-11 On Proc +AP box has duplicates for 'Fury of the Five Flights' and 'Pyrite Infuser' - the second versions (E74:E75) will always be zero and can be removed. Fixed in 91b
2009-08-11 Madness of the Betrayer is no longer available for selection, nor is its effect calculated. It should be removed from the ArP on proc list at Calulations!P18 Fixed in 91b
2009-08-12 * If you put Bestial Wrath in your rotation without also putting rapid fire in, the frequencies wont be calculable. The offending cell is I61/BestialWrathUsed which checks Rapid Fire when it should check Bestial Wrath. I60/TBWUsed suffers he same issue - checking Rapid Fire when it should check Bestial Wrath. Fixed in 91c
2009-08-13 Probable bug in the rotation test macro at line 277-278:
        ' Set Auto Shot Speed to statically hasted value
        AutoShotSpeed = AutoShotSpeed * (1 / Worksheets("Calculations").Range("StaticHaste").value)
you apply this code in a 10x loop, so autoshot speed ends up being:
        AutoShotSpeed * 1/StaticHaste * 1/StaticHaste * 1/StaticHaste
        * 1/StaticHaste * 1/StaticHaste * 1/StaticHaste * 1/StaticHaste
        * 1/StaticHaste * 1/StaticHaste * 1/StaticHaste
so the more different shots you have in your rotation, the faster your autoshots will be but it's likely this line is doing the wrong thing anyway - what you need to calculate is the autoshot speed, only taking into account static haste (since dynamic haste is calculated during the rotation). however, what you do is take the autoshot speed with dynamic and static haste and remove the static haste. this means you end up with the dynamically hasted autoshot speed, which is unstable since the dynamic haste value depends on the frequency of shots in the rotation (the thing we haven't yet calculated). the correct code is probably:
        ' Set Auto Shot Speed to statically hasted value
        AutoShotSpeed = Worksheets("Calculations").Range("RangedWeaponSpeed").value / Worksheets("Calculations").Range("StaticHaste").value
Fixed in 91c
2009-08-14 [edit] 'Judgment of Wisdom' in Calculations!D65 is spelled wrong - should be 'Judgement' Fixed in 91c
2009-08-14 [edit] JoW has a fixed 50% proc chance, so the PPM calculations are not needed. Cells can be changed to: E95-E98: remove E99: =IF(AutosPerSecond+SpecialsPerSecond>0,1/(AutosPerSecond+SpecialsPerSecond),0) E100: 0.5 It's not clear if there is still an ICD for JoW, but some people seem to suggest 0.25s, which would suggest changing E101 to: E101: =IF(E100>0,0.25+E99/E100,0) Fixed in 91c
2009-08-16 not sure this is a bug, but maybe just an odd mechanic - in 91b the mp5 effect from Mana Spring Totem (91-109.2 MP5, depending on improvements) does not stack with the mp5 from food (Spicy Fried Herring). is this correct? [edit] flask of pure mojo also doesn't stack with food and/or mana totem/blessing of wisdom [edit2] in fact, it's not a stacking issue - the spreadsheet just ignores any mp5 from food & flasks. Fixed in 91c
2009-08-18 pets don't take into account blocking - is this intentional?

[Shandara] It is assumed pets attack from behind the boss, which eliminates blocks and parries as far as I know.
Not a bug
2009-08-17 Chimera shot also ignores H86 (crit adjustment) which only matters if the T9 2-piece bonus is in effect, but this might be intentional. seems like it's probably a bug though.
[Shandara] Trying to remember why I did this, but it seems to me that the fact that serpent sting ticks can crit doesn't change CS-Serpent. CS-Serpent is based on the pre-loaded amount of damage set when the sting is applied (or that's how the mechanic seems to me). Whether individual ticks crit randomly can't change that.
Not a bug
2009-08-07 Nether Shock is not counted as a damaging ability. Seems it should be calculated the same way as spell attacks like Froststorm Breath, but with shadow debuffs

[Shandara] Nether Shock/Venom Web Spray not implemented, because there has never been any testing on them (nor did I consider them raid-worthy pets).
Wont Fix
2009-08-07 Venom Web Spray damage is not calculated. seems it should be calculated the same way as spell attacks and then multiplied by 4. it can never be fast enough for the frequency to be shorter than the cooldown, so there's no need to calculate applied dots

[Shandara] Nether Shock/Venom Web Spray not implemented, because there has never been any testing on them (nor did I consider them raid-worthy pets).
Wont Fix
2009-08-18 pet dodge uses a fixed amount (5% in 'Pet Calculations'!I66) but it should scale with level difference (0.05 + levelDiff * 0.005) giving 6.5% dodge against a raid boss.

[Shandara] And yes, most of the calculations assume a level 83 boss.
Wont Fix
2009-08-18 pet hit adjustment ('Pet Calculations'!I31) is set to levelDiff/100
hunter hit adjustment ('Calculations'!B55) is set to levelDiff<3 ? levelDiff*0.005 : 0.03
both should be levelDiff<3 ? levelDiff*0.002 : 0.03 (the correct values for 80-83 seems to be 0, 0.2%, 0.4%, 3%)
these both work fine for lvl 83 bosses, but give incorrect numbers for 80-82 targets.

[Shandara] And yes, most of the calculations assume a level 83 boss.
Wont Fix
2009-08-07 Bad Attitude is marked as damaging/critting in 'Pet Skills' column 'I' - this only triggers when the pet is tanking, so probably doesn't cause damage for most situations Fixed in 91d
2009-08-06 i wonder if all of the crit-triggered trinket proc rates might be off. CrittingShotsPerSecond assumes all shots hit (the rotations factors hit into the damage, not the frequency), so it seems that crit trinkets should be:
AverageTimePerCrit = 1 / (CrittingShotsPerSecond * FinalHit * FinalCrit)
Fixed in 91d
2009-08-07 For Spirit Strike, you apply hit/crit adjust for the initial hit, and not for the dot. This seems half right, because the dot can't crit, but if the initial hit doesn't hit, then the dot wont apply. Maybe I163 should be multiplied by PetHit? Fixed in 91d
2009-08-14 Leader of the Pack/Rampage are supposed to apply 5% crit, but instead apply 229 crit rating (which equals 4.9884562702% on the spreadsheet) Fixed in 91d
2009-08-17 Silencing shot is able to be used in non-rotation-test mode without the talent Fixed in 91d
2009-08-17 chimera refreshes stings even if you don't have the talent (it correctly gets a 0 freq, however) Fixed in 91d
2009-08-17 rounding for serpent sting damage varies very slightly between serpent sting and chimera shot:
CS =ROUND(H82*PRODUCT(H87:H92,1+H93),1)/5*H95
SS =ROUND(H82/5*(PRODUCT(H86:H92)+H93,1)*H95
or in english:
CS =ROUND(BaseDamage * DamageAdjust ,1) / 5 * Ticks
SS =ROUND(BaseDamage * DamageAdjust / 5 ,1) * Ticks
Fixed in 91d
2009-08-14 Immolation trap uses nature debuffs instead of fire debuffs (Calculatiosn!K160 should point at Buffs!I77, not Buffs!K77) Fixed in 91d
2009-08-07 Some pets (Cats) can use one of Dash/Dive AND one of Charge/Swoop. The SS doesn't allow this Fixed in 91e
2009-08-11 Troll Berserking uses the cooldown rather than the real frequency for effect calculation (Calculations!H27) Fixed in 91e
2009-08-14 Sting debuff uses cooldown instead of frequency ('Pet Calculations'!I119) Fixed in 91e
2009-08-14 It seems like 'Kill Shot low HP gain' on the Shot Rotation tab should be 0 when using the Rotation Test, since we already have the correct number of kill shots adding DPS to the 'Special Shot DPS' box. seems it only needs to be calculated when doing the frequency based rotation. (the number ends up low when turning on shot rotation, and i think it represents the difference between the frequency-predicted and rotation-tested frequencies for kill shot) Fixed in 91e
2009-08-14 stats for multiple flasks are incorrect, especially with mixology: http://hunterloot.com/misc/flask_stats_91c2.png (the choice of which flasks are shown are somewhat random - some new equivalents are missing)

[update] some flasks have been fixed, linked image has been updated
Fixed in 91e
2009-08-20 If you have a Ferocity pet spec'd with Cobra Reflexes, then switch to a Tenacity pet spec'd without Cobra Reflexes, Cobra Reflexes is still applied. If it's enabled in any of the skill trees, it will take effect. Mistake is in 'Pet Calculations'!F21 Fixed in 91e